DENALI All On Headlight Wiring Harness Low Beam + High Beam


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The DENALI "All-On" H4 Wiring Harness keeps the low beam on with the high beam activated. Enjoy dramatically improved light output that also increases overall visibility significantly. Simple plug and play installation allows the adapter to plug "inline" between the DENALI M5 or M7 LED headlight module and your motorcycle with no other modifications or switches. Improve lighting on the sides of the road, directly in front of the motorcycle and over 150m down the road when you activate the high beam.




  • Permits "All-On" use of low beam and high beam simultaneously
  • Dramatically improved light output
  • Plug & play adapter
  • Simple and easy to install inline
  • Designed exclusively for DENALI M5 & M7 LED headlight module

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