DENALI H4 Headlight Wiring Adapter to H9/H11


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The DENALI H9/H11 to H4 headlight wiring adapter permits direct plug and play connection of the M5 or M7 LED headlight module to the OEM connectors of motorcycles with an original H9 and H11 split LED headlight. Simplify your headlight installation without the need to splice any wires. This handy little adapter allows your motorcycle's factory H9 and H11 connectors for the original split beam headlight to plug into the female H4 plug of the DENALI M5 or M7 LED headlight module.




  • Plug & play adapter
  • Converts H9/H11 connectors into female H4 plug
  • Permits quick connection of DENALI  M5 or M7 LED headlight module without modifying the factory wiring harness

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