DENALI CANsmart Plug-N-Play Controller Harley Davidson


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The Harley-Davidson CANbus controller provides plug & play connection and intelligent control of aftermarket and genuine accessories right from your bikes original switches or DENALI Accessory Manager Software. Simply connect the CANsmart™ Controller to your Harley-Davidson diagnostic port to access over 35 programmable accessory settings that provide intelligent control of factory passing lamps, auxiliary lights, horns, brake lights, or any other accessory you can imagine. The four accessory circuits are electronically fused and can provide up to 25 peak amps (10 amps continuous)


Features :


  • High/Low Sync : Set passing lamps and auxiliary lights to switch between a programmable high/low setting with the factory high beam switch
  • On/OFF and Dim : Independently control 2 lights and their intensity (10% - 100%)
  • Modulate Lights : Set passing lamps or auxiliary lights to modulate to increase your visibility to other motorists
  • Flash to Pass : Need to get someone's attention? Pulse your high beam switch three times and your auxiliary lights will strobe three times fast
  • Cancel With Turn Signal : This feature cancels the corresponding auxiliary light when you turn your turn signal on preventing powerful auxiliary lights from overpowering your signal
  • Plug & Play Horn Installation
  • Strobe with Horn : With this feature selected the CANsmart™ will automatically strobe your passing lamps or auxiliary lights when you sound your horn
  • Flash Pattern Braking : The CANsmart™ provides four different flash patterns
  • Compatible with Genuine Harley-Davidson Accessories
  • Switched Power Source : The CANsmart™ provides a universal "accessory" option which simply gives you clean switched 12V power. That means whatever accessory you connect to this circuit will turn on and off with your ignition
  • Delay Time Out : You can also set the accessories on this circuit to have a delayed time out. This will keep them powered for up to 30 seconds after your turn off your bike
  • On Board Power : The "accessory" circuit option is ideal for powering your GPS, phone, heated gear or any other electronic device

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