DENALI SoundBomb Mini Horn 113dB


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At 113 decibels, the distinct low-tone sound from the DENALI SoundBomb Mini Motorcycle Horn is twice as loud as a typical 100 decibel disc horn. Designed to be a direct Plug & Play upgrade from your factory horn, requiring no additional relay or wiring harness as long as the original horn has blade-style electrical connections. When stock isn't quite enough, be heard with the SoundBomb Mini.


Product Specs:


  • 113 Decibels at 3 feet
  • Operating voltage:12 Volts (11.7volts required)
  • Power draw: 5 Amps
  • Single piece design
  • Dimensions: 8,25 x 8,63 x 6,35cm
  • Fits in most factory horn locations


Kit Contents:


  • Single piece electromagnetic horn
  • Mounting hardware
  • Fully illustrated Installation instructions

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